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Benefits of Massage

How does massage work?

Manipulation of the body’s soft tissues affects deep as well as superficial tissue. Far reaching physical and emotional effects are produced within the body.

Massage is extremely effective for giving pain relief, increasing joint mobilisation, improving posture, so aiding general mobility. The ‘feel good factor’ induced as a result of treatment is fabulous for combating stress. These cumulative effects make massage a complementary therapy which treats a person with regard to many aspects of their health.

The body’s natural response to stress is to create tension, in turn creating muscle spasm. Touch reduces spasm and releases the body’s own natural pain killers. As circulation is improved, so is oxygen supply and nutrients to body tissues. In addition the lymphatic system is stimulated to eliminate toxins and waste.

The body is healed in the healthiest way, by its own natural processes. Massage produces heat, which improves muscle tone and elasticity. This can prevent injury and frees joints.