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Massage Treatments

Swedish Therapeutic Massage

Tailored to the client. A Mixture of relaxing, deep, light or stimulating techniques.

Remedial and Sports

Specific to relieving trouble areas or injury. Useful pre and post event.

Remedial massage can:

  • Relieve overused/strained muscles
  • Reduce the effects of old injuries
  • Improve healing time
  • Relieve repetitive strain injury Assist rehabilitation Improve muscle tone/ elasticity Improve posture, breathing.

It’s recommended to take regular massage as a preventative measure, to reduce the chances of injury and enhance wellbeing.

Slavic Massage

Deep tissue, hypnotic, deeply relaxing. Stretching, circular, flowing movements. Using warm oil. Developed from Eastern Europe, where massage was part of family culture.

Pregnancy Massage - treat yourself and your baby!

Suitable for all trimesters. Pregnant women benefit hugely from massage, as they are required to cope with many emotional and physical changes that occur when carrying a baby. The massage is tailored to the individual taking into account the stage of pregnancy.

A woman may be tired and possibly nauseous at the beginning, or suffering from aches and pains due to the weight of the baby at the later stage. Shiatsu techniques are combined with more traditional massage methods suited to keeping mother and baby comfortable and safe. Gym ball work is an option, providing an effective and soothing position during pregnancy.

Relaxation techniques are given to take home and advice is available on how to relieve aches and pains and prepare the body for childbirth.

Sessions are available with partners to demonstrate basic massage techniques to help a partner assist during the pregnancy and/ or labour. Birthing positions for labour can be covered.

Post natal massage includes techniques and advice on restoring muscle tone, aiding recovery from pregnancy and childbirth.

Hot Stones

The use of hot stones dates back as long as 5000 years ago. It’s a method that has been employed over the years across many cultures including Indians, Native Americans, and Europeans.

Rocks were gathered from river beds and heated on coals or in hot water. The heat from the stones causes the  muscles to relax and increases circulation. The overall level of relaxation throughout the body and mind is profound. The stones are thought to improve the flow of the bodies’ energies.

A deeply therapeutic, comforting massage at anytime, particularly during the winter months.

Indian Head Massage

A versatile treatment that can be done seated. Deeply relaxing. Techniques can be applied at the end of a full body treatment or have a full session on the head and shoulders only.